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The condition of where we work, live and visit directly influence our state of mind.

Australians enjoy one of the best health and welfare systems in the world, along with the freedom to pursue all walks of life.

Health and Welfare

Everyone has access a broad range of services; full spectrum of free health care, study now with deferred fees, housing, food, income and municipal amenities. Plus public spaces, parks, recreational activities and events. Everything we need to create a lifestyle of our choosing, for free and at our fingertips.

Environmental Obstacles

Even with all these benefits and opportunities, if living conditions are bleak, positive thoughts and experiences are quickly diminished. Personal progress can be greatly hindered.

For organisations a run-down workplace can affect motivation and mood. For visiting clients in need, dreary premises may reinforce their diminished situation.

A welcoming environment promotes a positive attitude.


One of SCENE’s pursuits is to gather data from projects and programs to demonstrate designed & decorated spaces contribute to overall wellbeing and play valuable role in a complete health & welfare system. Improved spaces allows individuals to relax more, think clearer and set goals. For community groups, welcoming, inspirational premises enrich the staff and inspire visitors.


Get in Contact if your interested in assisting with developing this study.

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