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    simple, quick, low-cost design techniques for all ages, abilities and budgets

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    simple, quick, low-cost design techniques for all ages, abilities and budgets

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    VISION install a system of community improvement and enrichment accessible to everyone achievable by anyone affordable for all budgets Community Improvement ​ SCENE aims to grow it's programs and projects but currently has limited community reach. The system will be a free support tool for anyone anywhere wanting to decorate with little experience, who are time poor and have a small or no budget for improvements. ​ Community Enrichment ​ Initially SCENE's focus was to aesthetically improve the facilities of small fringe community organisations and personal spaces for people in need. A wonderful side effect is the make-over activities are a lot of fun and can be enjoyed by everyone . ​ Grab a paint brush and help on a project. The d éc or workshops suit every ability, including beginners, children & additional needs. Learn workshops and help deliver them to the community. There's also behind the scene's and organisational roles. Speciality programs include; school/education, Indigenous, recycled plastic. And tailored programs for; special needs, long-term residential care & therapy facilities, housing estates and through care. For more information visit the on the portals Home page. ​ SCENE aims to demonstrate designed spaces are important in a balanced society. ​ ​ ​ ​ learn more...

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    THIS PAGE PROJECT PHOTO GALLERY and STORIES Community Improvement Projects ​ SCENE creates free community make-overs. Galleries and stories have moved to our online magazine ​ ​ Junk Funk ​

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    ​ There's enough furniture, items and materials being thrown away to create unlimited décor and revamp any space. ​ Free resources are literally just laying around for transforming drab, dated or damaged into inviting, beautiful and vibrant. ​ ​ ​ SCENE makes turning terrible into terrific, simple and fun. ​ We have easy, quick and affordable workshops especially developed to be inclusive of all ages, abilities and budgets. Plus programs, activities and projects. To find out more check out the portals on the page. Home ​ Want to get involved? There's opportunities to assist with community improvements, help out in the studio, work on the programs plus things to do from home, school or work. Get in if you're interested. Contact ​ ​ Where to start? How difficult, time consuming and expensive will it be? - are often the first things people consider before taking on a décor or make-over project. Sometimes it ends up in the 'too hard' basket before it begins. ​ is to develop a design & decoration system. Customised step-by-step 'How To' guides for big and small projects. From idea to completion; where to find what you need, who can help, how to learn techniques and skills, self-help tools tips and tutorials. Quick, easy, low-cost or free. SCENE's long term goal (Visit the portal to see a $0 make-over). Community ​ ​ learn more...

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    SANDWICHES and CHANGING THE WORLD What if we all had the power to make a yummy snack have cleaner oceans & beaches? and Did You Know? In studies of the Earth's oceans, plastic bottle lids were found to be in the top 5 items littering the seas and beaches. When you recycle plastic bottles the lids go to landfill (or worse end up in the environment). Plastic lids are safe to melt, can be used over & over, and come in m o r e t h a n 5 0 c o l o u r s . It just takes a few everyday items to create with plastic safely. Like a sandwich press and a pancake flipper. Important: Don't eat plastic!!! Did you know the way to recycle isn't with bins or drop-offs, but to best !!! C R E A T E Recycling is great but the best thing for the planet is the step before the recycling bin... S P I N I T , DON'T BIN IT PlastiSCENE is turning plastic upside-down and inside-out.