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  • Service | SCENE

    ​ ​ Step 2 - Service Affordable design & decoration services for small businesses unable to meet the high cost trades. ​ ​ For participants who often have difficulties with employment. Service is a non-confrontational transition. It's familiar work with familiar people. Without the stress of resumes and job interviews. Or the discouragement of knock-backs. ​ As with Step 1, participants can choose the workload to suit their circumstances. For example some may wish to work one day a week so it doesn't interfere with family, appointments or government payments. There may also be opportunities to work from home. Typically Jobs will be quick, simple jobs, like the corner take-away. ​ ​ ​ ​ Step 3 After time and experience design & decoration services can be offered at a higher standard with profits funding SCENE programs and projects. ​ ​ ​ Step 4 and Side Step - Supported Pathways Some may wish to break away and form their own businesses. SCENE will support and promote exiting SCI STEP participants. Additionally over the course of the program participants will be exposed to numerous vocations. SCENE aims to assist anyone wishing to go into studies/traineeships and provide referrals & assistance with resumes for people seeking to enter the work force. ​ Alternatively participants can continue their program indefinitely in Step 1 if that's where they are most comfortable and gaining the most personal benefit. ​ ​ ← Back or Skills Portal


    ​ ​ Flexible, inclusive learning. Community projects are the perfect environment to learn skills for people who have barriers to main-stream education. ​ Barriers may include personal circumstances or family obligations. Mental, emotional or medical issues. Language and culture obstacles. ​ SCI STEP offers self-paced, personalised learning. ​ ​ There's a broad range of skills like painting and assembling furniture, or creative endeavours such as décor and artwork. Digital based activities like 3D modelling, project planning and administration. Plus simple repetitive tasks often suiting those with emotional issues or special needs. Participants also having the option of suggestion relevant skills and activities. When a skill-sets are at a proficient level SCENE aims to embark on a social enterprise 'Service by SCENE'. A soft, safe transition into employment. ​ learn more... ← Back or Skills Portal

  • Project Gallery

    PROJECT GALLERY swipe slider to reveal After image tap right-top corner for Full Screen ​ Yeddung Mura Aboriginal Services go to the Yeddung Mura gallery... STEPS Youth Services go to the STEPS gallery... Zero Dollar Make-Over go to the Zero gallery... NEXT PROJECT ADDED FRIDAY 8 JANUARY 2021

  • About | SCENE

    ​ There's enough furniture, items and materials being thrown away to create unlimited décor and revamp any space. ​ Free resources are literally just laying around for transforming drab, dated or damaged into inviting, beautiful and vibrant. ​ ​ ​ SCENE makes turning terrible into terrific, simple and fun. ​ We have easy, quick and affordable workshops especially developed to be inclusive of all ages, abilities and budgets. Plus programs, activities and projects. To find out more check out the portals on the Home page. ​ Want to get involved? There's opportunities to assist with community improvements, help out in the studio, work on the programs plus things to do from home, school or work. Get in Contact if you're interested. ​ ​ Where to start? How difficult, time consuming and expensive will it be? - are often the first things people consider before taking on a décor or make-over project. Sometimes it ends up in the 'too hard' basket before it begins. ​ SCENE's long term goal is to develop a design & decoration system. Customised step-by-step 'How To' guides for big and small projects. From idea to completion; where to find what you need, who can help, how to learn techniques and skills, self-help tools tips and tutorials. Quick, easy, low-cost or free. (Visit the Community portal to see a $0 make-over). ​ ​ learn more...

  • Plastic Static | SCENE

    simple, quick, low-cost design techniques for all ages, abilities and budgets

  • Reduce Intro | SCENE

    REDUCE Level 1 ​ ​ 0 Intro 1 Paper 2 Card 3 Fabric 4 Plastic 5 Glass 6 Stone 7 Metal Level 2 REDUCE Level 1 Intro more mobile features coming soon

  • Special Activities | SCENE

    Something you've never seen before!!! World first! Be a part of it. This art is made of plastic from the lids that you in the community have been collecting for Lids4Kids. There's no creative community inclusive programs anywhere using the plastic in this way. Join the adventure! FOR CHILDREN and ADULTS SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM & FREE CREATION KITS Come into the RePsyched! studio and check out what it's all about. Pick up your free Rainbow Creation Kit and change the world! THIS HOLIDAY WE'RE WORKING ON 2 PROJECTS Plasticus Botanica is a Canberra wide challenge to use lid plastic to make blossoms & blooms and flower themed creations.. We're aiming for a big Spring display and for consideration to be included in the Floriade festival (theme: The Future of Flowers). And it might just be a Guinness World Record! So get your schools, friends and families involved. Heal Country is the 2021 NAIDOC Week theme (4-11 July). Together we'll be creating a plastic floral artwork inspired by our beautiful and amazing Indigenous Australia & Torres Strait Island art design style. To celebrate and honour NAIDOC Week and as part of the Spring event. for more information about this material go to our parent site

  • Project Gallery: Yeddung Mura 1 | SCENE

    Yeddung Mura ​ The Yeddung Mura Care House make-over is an Aboriginal Community Service. This design was part of a global community improvement initiative. see full story... before & after slider - Meeting/Training Room 1 before & after slider - Meeting/Training Room 1 image only - Meeting/Training Room 1 before & after slider - Meeting/Training Room 2 before & after slider - Meeting/Training Room 2 image only - Meeting/Training Room 2 before & after slider - Community Café more... or return to Project Gallery ​ ​ ​

  • PlastiSCENE | SCENE

    PILOT PROGRAM ​ Upon registration you will receive the Creation Kit which includes info & materials. Participant Registration Form First Name Last Name Email Phone About You I'm over 18 or I'm over 18 and supervising persons under 18 Next

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