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    name email phone subject message... S U B M I T thank you for submitting O R send a text message to 04 669 05 228 *sms only ​ ​

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    STEPS ​ STEPS is a residential youth care facility with the majority of funding going towards care services. The shared and personal spaces needed some upbeat updating. More work with STEPS in 2021. Décor courtesy of The Green Shed. before & after slider - Client Bedroom image only - Client Bedroom image only - Client Bedroom RePsyched! Workshop 'Love Me or Leaf Me" image only - Client Bedroom RePsyched! Workshop 'Picture This" ​ return to Project Gallery ​ ​ ​ before & after slider - Shared Areas

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    PROJECT GALLERY swipe slider to reveal After image tap right-top corner for Full Screen ​ Aboriginal Services Yeddung Mura go to the Yeddung Mura gallery... Youth Services STEPS go to the STEPS gallery... Zero Dollar Make-Over go to the Zero gallery... NEXT PROJECT ADDED FRIDAY 8 JANUARY 2021

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    Zero Dollar Make-Over ​ A homeless man with just a garbage bag of clothes was allocated a room at Ainslie Village Canberra's largest housing estate. He was arriving the next morning and his room was bare. ​ After a hunt around the estate some old tins pf paint & brushes were found and some abandoned electrical items, furniture and flooring. Artwork was found in a vacant office. ​ Not only was the make-over completed single handed, under 5 hours with just an old shopping trolley to move items, but 4 living areas were created in this 4m x 4m space. The table catches the morning sun and is a perfect way to start the day. In the evening a dining chair can be turned and used as a night stand. before & after slider - Cooking and Dining Areas before & after slider - Sleeping and Lounge Areas This configuration was intentional to enable watching TV from bed. The sofa is the first thing you see when you come in the door. A good place for visitors. ​ ​ ​ return to Project Gallery ​ ​ ​

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    ​ The condition of where we work, live and visit directly influence our state of mind. ​ ​ Australians enjoy one of the best health and welfare systems in the world, along with the freedom to pursue all walks of life. ​ Health and Welfare ​ Everyone has access a broad range of services; full spectrum of free health care, study now with deferred fees, housing, food, income and municipal amenities. Plus public spaces, parks, recreational activities and events. Everything we need to create a lifestyle of our choosing, for free and at our fingertips . ​ Environmental Obstacles ​ Even with all these benefits and opportunities, if living conditions are bleak , positive thoughts and experiences are quickly diminished. Personal progress can be greatly hindered. ​ For organisations a run-down workplace can affect motivation and mood. For visiting clients in need, dreary premises may reinforce their diminished situation . ​ A welcoming environment promotes a positive attitude. One of SCENE’s pursuits is to gather data from projects and programs to demonstrate designed & decorated spaces contribute to overall wellbeing and play valuable role in a complete health & welfare system. Improved spaces allows individuals to relax more, think clearer and set goals. For community groups, welcoming, inspirational premises enrich the staff and inspire visitors. ​ ​ ​ Get in Contact if your interested in assisting with developing this study. ​ ​

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    ​ ​ Everything if possible with a little help from our friends. ​ Click the icons for more information about contributions and contact details. ​ ​ THANK YOU for helping us SHINE!

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    THIS PAGE WORKSHOPS, SKILLS and SPECIALTY PROGRAMS ​ ​ ​ In coming months visitors will be able to access where to learn and practice skills needed for décor and improvements plus self-help tools such as hints & tips, videos, online and downloadable resources. ​ For professionals and experienced persons, you'll be able to register here to help with projects, demonstrate skills, supervise programs and more. ​ It'll also be a space for anyone wanting to share their own DIY projects or décor & design hacks. ​ ​ Welcome To The Skills Hub DECOR WORKSHOPS RePsyched! is the quick, easy, low-cost techniques used in SCENE community improvement projects and programs but taught as workshops in a studio setting. RePsyched! Studio in the Mitchell Green Shed learn more... (pronounced Sky Step) combines community improvement projects with skills programs. A flexible, inclusive, self-paced program designed around each individuals interests allowing participants to focus and fine tune skill-sets. Graduation from the SCI STEP program see's individuals enter the social enterprise employment stage. SCI STEP ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ learn more... Specialty Programs ​ As SCENE undertakes community improvement projects it identifies the differing circumstances in the community sector. Custom programs are developed to address their unique needs. ​ learn more...

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    THIS PAGE PROJECT PHOTO GALLERY and STORIES Community Improvement Projects ​ Please enjoy these images and stories. ​ ​ Mural, Volunteer Staff Room LATEST Yeddung Mura Aboriginal Services GO TO GALLERY... ​ ​ ​

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    "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." ​ ​ ​ ​ Com ing soon SCENE's brand new recycled plastic program. Check back here or join the email list for updates. ​ ​

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    Yeddung Mura ​ The Yeddung Mura Care House make-over is an Aboriginal Community Service. This design was part of a global community improvement initiative. see full story... before & after slider - Meeting/Training Room 1 before & after slider - Meeting/Training Room 1 image only - Meeting/Training Room 1 before & after slider - Meeting/Training Room 2 before & after slider - Meeting/Training Room 2 image only - Meeting/Training Room 2 before & after slider - Community Café more... or return to Project Gallery ​ ​ ​