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    Yeddung Mura ​ The Yeddung Mura Care House make-over is an Aboriginal Community Service. This design was part of a global community improvement initiative. see full story... before & after slider - Meeting/Training Room 1 before & after slider - Meeting/Training Room 1 image only - Meeting/Training Room 1 before & after slider - Meeting/Training Room 2 before & after slider - Meeting/Training Room 2 image only - Meeting/Training Room 2 before & after slider - Community Café more... or return to Project Gallery ​ ​ ​

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    ​ PLASTIC LIDS IN THE OCEAN “Bottle caps are among the top 5 items found during beach cleaning and beach litter monitoring around the world. Over the last 30 years, more than 20 million bottle caps and lids were found during beach cleaning activities around the world. Currently, it is unknown how many bottle caps actually enter our oceans and wash up on shore. Plastic bottle caps are made of hard plastics and degrade very slowly. Plastic bottle caps are among the top 5 ocean trash items that are deadly for sea life.” more... PROJECT AWARE PLASTIC COALITION OMNEXUS INSTRUCTABLES 4 OCEAN BOTTLE BILL WIKIPEDIA ONE ARMY SEAS AT RISK OCEAN CRUSADERS BRITANICA PRECIOUS PLASTICS WEILL CORNELL WAVE TRIBE CREATIVE MECHANISMS suggest a link

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    "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." MORE INFO REGISTER TO JOIN PILOT CREATIVE RESOURCES

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    RePsyched! is the public workshop program of parent organisation S .C.E.N.E ( S kills Co mmunity E ducation N etworks and E nvironment). The workshops derive from our community improvement projects. Each design has challenges, over coming the challenges result in workshop content offered to the public in the studio or via outreach in our RePsyched Roadtrip program Workshops are quick, easy, affordable décor & design inclusive of the whole community. Including beginners, children and special needs. They also suit people with more practical and creative experience. The biggest supporter of the charity's projects and programs is The Green Shed. We wouldn't be where we are without them. A special heart felt thanks to Sandie who has been supportive of all our good endeavours and equally supportive of pursuits that don't pan out. Get in touch if you want to get involved. And check out JUNK FUNK. our charity's brand and style magazine.

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    VISION install a system of community improvement, enrichment and engagement accessible to everyone achievable by anyone affordable for all incomes Community Improvement . There's enough furniture, items and materials being thrown away to create unlimited décor and revamp any space. Free resources are literally just laying around for transforming drab, dated or damaged into inviting, beautiful and vibrant. Community Improvement Projects Small community services and groups are the lifeblood of a healthy community. Many staffed by invested hard working volunteers. These organisations often have little or no funding and are time poor. SCENE community improvements create beautiful spaces to energise and inspire, becoming a daily reminder that their quiet, diligent work is valued. learn more... Home Improvement Projects Australia provides a resource rich environment whereby individuals can build a full life. Essential free public services for safety & freedom, mental & physical health, education & employment plus spaces & activities are available to everyone. It can be difficult to best use these resources if the place where someone lives is draining positivity and motivation. SCENE fills the living aesthetics gap in the Australian social system. learn more... Community Enrichment The key to extremely low cost or no cost make-overs is twofold; creative use of items & furniture already in the space and simple, quick décor techniques. These techniques are freely available to the public in the form of design workshops. Workshop are specially designed to suit everyone including; beginners to experts, children, additional needs, non-English speaking and otherwise disadvantaged individuals. Most workshops take under and hour and DIY costs under $1. The SCENE design workshop platform is the RePsyched! Design Studio. learn more... Community Engagement SCENE holds inclusive programs and projects encouraging the public to participate. Also specialty programs for schools/education, Aboriginal Australian & Torres Straight Islander, additional needs, emotional/mental therapy, non-English speaking & new Australians. learn more...

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    PROJECT GALLERY swipe slider to reveal After image tap right-top corner for Full Screen ​ Yeddung Mura Aboriginal Services new galleries added monthly go to the Yeddung Mura gallery... NEXT PROJECT ADDED FRIDAY 8 JANUARY 2021

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    name phone email subject message... S U B M I T thank you for submitting O R send a text message to 04 669 05 228 *sms only ​ ​

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    ​ ​ Step 2 - Service Affordable design & decoration services for small businesses unable to meet the high cost trades. ​ ​ For participants who often have difficulties with employment. Service is a non-confrontational transition. It's familiar work with familiar people. Without the stress of resumes and job interviews. Or the discouragement of knock-backs. ​ As with Step 1, participants can choose the workload to suit their circumstances. For example some may wish to work one day a week so it doesn't interfere with family, appointments or government payments. There may also be opportunities to work from home. Typically Jobs will be quick, simple jobs, like the corner take-away. ​ ​ ​ ​ Step 3 After time and experience design & decoration services can be offered at a higher standard with profits funding SCENE programs and projects. ​ ​ ​ Step 4 and Side Step - Supported Pathways Some may wish to break away and form their own businesses. SCENE will support and promote exiting SCI STEP participants. Additionally over the course of the program participants will be exposed to numerous vocations. SCENE aims to assist anyone wishing to go into studies/traineeships and provide referrals & assistance with resumes for people seeking to enter the work force. ​ Alternatively participants can continue their program indefinitely in Step 1 if that's where they are most comfortable and gaining the most personal benefit. ​ ​