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    name email phone subject message... S U B M I T thank you for submitting O R send a text message to 04 669 05 228 *sms only ​ ​

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    THIS PAGE COMMUNITY PROGRAMS DATES TERM 1 Saturday Jan 7 8 weeks BREAK Saturday April 2 4 weeks TERM 2 Saturday April 30 8 weeks BREAK Saturday June 25 4 weeks TERM 3 Saturday July 23 8 weeks BREAK Saturday Sept 17 4 weeks TERM 4 Saturday Oct 15 8 weeks BREAK Saturday Dec 10 7 weeks 2022 MAJOR PROJECT P L A S T I C U S B O T A N I C A National Recycling Week November 2022 TERM 1 Dollar Décor by Junk Funk - free course learn a new design technique each week using reloved everyday items *scroll through gallery below for more details Out of gallery TERM 2 Pretty Poly by Junk Funk - free course world first domestic plastic design program *more info and pics coming soon TERM 3 Plasticus Botanica by PlastiSCENE Canberra Region designed single-use plastic World Record more at and TERM 4 Plasticus Botanica by PlastiSCENE Canberra Region designed single-use plastic World Record more at and TERM BREAKS Plastic Static / Plasticus Botanica The 2022 SCENE community project focus is for the Canberra Region to become the global pioneer in single-use domestic plastic design, more at and

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    ​ Décor techniques from used furniture, items and materials. ​ ​ Example workshop 'Bin There, Done That'. Artisan bowl from things in the recycling bin. ​ starts as a cracked plastic bowl go to the RePsyched! web page return to Skills portal ​ ​

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    SANDWICHES and CHANGING THE WORLD What if we all had the power to make a yummy snack and have cleaner oceans & beaches? Did You Know? In studies of the Earth's oceans, plastic bottle lids were found to be in the top 5 items littering the seas and beaches. When you recycle plastic bottles the lids go to landfill (or worse end up in the environment). Plastic lids are safe to melt, can be used over & over, and come in m o r e t h a n 5 0 c o l o u r s . It just takes a few everyday items to create with plastic safely. Like a sandwich press and a pancake flipper. Important: Don't eat plastic!!! Did you know the best way to recycle isn't with bins or drop-offs, but to C R E A T E !!!

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    ​ ​ Everything if possible with a little help from our friends. ​ Click the icons for more information about contributions and contact details. ​ ​ THANK YOU for helping us SHINE!

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    Something you've never seen before!!! World first! Be a part of it. This art is made of plastic from the lids that you in the community have been collecting for Lids4Kids. There's no creative community inclusive programs anywhere using the plastic in this way. Join the adventure! FOR CHILDREN and ADULTS SCHOOL HOLIDAY PROGRAM & FREE CREATION KITS Come into the RePsyched! studio and check out what it's all about. Pick up your free Rainbow Creation Kit and change the world! THIS HOLIDAY WE'RE WORKING ON 2 PROJECTS Plasticus Botanica is a Canberra wide challenge to use lid plastic to make blossoms & blooms and flower themed creations.. We're aiming for a big Spring display and for consideration to be included in the Floriade festival (theme: The Future of Flowers). And it might just be a Guinness World Record! So get your schools, friends and families involved. Heal Country is the 2021 NAIDOC Week theme (4-11 July). Together we'll be creating a plastic floral artwork inspired by our beautiful and amazing Indigenous Australia & Torres Strait Island art design style. To celebrate and honour NAIDOC Week and as part of the Spring event. for more information about this material go to our parent site

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    REDUCE Level 1 ​ ​ 0 Intro 1 Paper 2 Card 3 Fabric 4 Plastic 5 Glass 6 Stone 7 Metal Level 2 REDUCE Level 1 Intro more mobile features coming soon Out of gallery