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Step 2 - Service


Affordable design & decoration services for small businesses unable to meet the high cost trades.

For participants who often have difficulties with employment. Service is a non-confrontational transition. It's familiar work with familiar people. Without the stress of resumes and job interviews. Or the discouragement of knock-backs.

As with Step 1, participants can choose the workload to suit their circumstances. For example some may wish to work one day a week so it doesn't interfere with family, appointments or government payments. There may also be opportunities to work from home.


Typically Jobs will be quick, simple jobs, like the corner take-away.


Step 3 After time and experience design & decoration services can be offered at a higher standard with profits funding SCENE programs and projects. 

Step 4 and Side Step - Supported Pathways


Some may wish to break away and form their own businesses. SCENE will support and promote exiting SCI STEP participants. Additionally over the course of the program participants will be exposed to numerous vocations. SCENE aims to assist anyone wishing to go into studies/traineeships and provide referrals & assistance with resumes for people seeking to enter the work force.

Alternatively participants can continue their program indefinitely in Step 1 if that's where they are most comfortable  and gaining the most personal benefit.

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