install a system of community

improvement and enrichment

accessible to everyone

achievable by anyone

affordable for all budgets

Community Improvement

SCENE aims to grow it's programs and projects but currently has limited community reach. The system will be a free support tool for anyone anywhere wanting to decorate with little experience, who are time poor and have a small or no budget for improvements.

Community Enrichment

Initially SCENE's focus was to aesthetically improve the facilities of small fringe community organisations and personal spaces for people in need. A wonderful side effect is the make-over activities are a lot of fun and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Grab a paint brush and help on a project. The décor workshops suit every ability, including beginners, children & additional needs. Learn workshops and help deliver them to the community. There's also behind the scene's and organisational roles.


Speciality programs include; school/education, Indigenous, recycled plastic. And tailored programs for; special needs, long-term residential care & therapy facilities, housing estates and through care. For more information visit the portals on the Home page.

SCENE aims to demonstrate designed spaces are important in a balanced society.